Our Mythical Childhood...

The Reception of Classical Antiquity in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture in Response to Regional and Global Challenges


27.10.2017 - Mythology and Education conference, Facullty of Education, University of Cambridge

Mythology and Education: History and Practice, an international conference organized at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, in cooperation with Our Mythical Childhood. Organizers: Frances Foster (Cambridge), Susan Deacy, Sonya Nevin, and Katerina Volioti (Roehampton) 

  • Susan Deacy, University of Roehampton, with the partecipation of Katerina Volioti and Sonya Nevin, University of Roehampton, Nanci Santos, OMC Survey contributor Oliver Brookes, The Royal College of Nursing, Naomi Rebis, University College London, Our Mythical Childhood: Survey Entries
  • Katarzyna Marciniak, Elżbieta Olechowska (via Skype), and Hanna Paulouskaya, University of Warsaw, Our Mythical Community: Students in Research Projects 
  • Lisa Maurice, Bar-Ilan University, Our Mythical Education: An Overview and Some Preliminary Notes on Israel as a Case Study