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Camilla L. Greene

Myth Connections. Curriculum Unit 83.02.08

This unit focuses on the reading and retelling of myths as well writing skills and group participation skills. The purpose is also to “enable students to appreciate African and Greek myths” and provide the students with knowledge about past cultures, of which they may know very little. This unit was written for a school mostly populated by African-American students, hence the focus on African myths as part of making the students more familiar with them(...)


YEAR: 1983



Ovid’s Metamorphoses

This lessons’ unit focus on Ovid’s magnum opus, the Metamorphoses and how it can be compared to other stories, from the Bible to modern prose and poetry.

The curriculum provides a brief background on Ovid and three lessons:
Lesson 1: The Metamorphoses and Genesis: A Comparison of Creation-Flood Stories
Lesson 2: The Metamorphoses and Modern Poetry: A Comparison of Mythic Characters
Lesson 3: “The Metamo(...)