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Irma E. Garcia

Greek and Roman Mythology in the Classroom. Curriculum Unit 83.02.11

This unit serves as complement to the curricula of social and urban studies classes. It focuses on the influence of Greek mythology on the modern world and less on literary analysis of  ancient texts.

As part of the activities, the students look for specific words from the myths in translation, draw or cut out pictures which express ideas from the myths, practice oral and silent reading (the labours of Hercules are given as (...)


YEAR: 1983


Core Knowledge

YEAR 3: ANCIENT GREECE (five lessons): Lesson 1. An Introduction to Ancient Greece

This is the first lesson of five. It offers an introduction to ancient Greece. The objective of his lesson is to introduce the ancient civilization to the young students and connect it with more familiar themes to the children, such as Olympic Games, Greek gods etc. The teachers are encouraged to incorporate videos from films such as Troy (2004) or 300 (2006).

The lesson includes a map of ancient Greece with key locations and bri(...)