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Lidia Winniczuk

Lingua Latina. Latin without the Help of Orbilius

The book was created as a unique, innovative Latin course intended for self-study. Its aim was to prepare students for translating classical texts. The author devised a pioneering method which introduced an innovative layout independent of standard patterns.

Contrary to traditional methods, the author does not begin each module/unit with a text, but rather with a grammatical commentary and preparations and then continues with exe(...)


YEAR: 1975


Simone Deléani, Jean Beaujeu, Jean-Marie Vermander

Initiation to the Latin Language and its System. Manual for Adults. Vol. 1

The textbook includes 21 lessons, each containing a fragment of a Latin text (texte d’étude), which is the starting point for learning vocabulary, syntactic forms and their use. The text itself follows a short commentary on the historical or cultural context; the column on the right includes a verbatim French translation. Below the text each lesson provides the relevant vocabulary and derivations from Latin to French connected to the text. Th(...)


YEAR: 1967, 1968, 1975, 1977, 1990, 1992, reissue 2011, 2015