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Paul Mangan

Ancient Greece Class Assembly

This worksheet offers a plan for a school assembly on the Greek gods. School assemblies are common in schools around the world. They present the opportunity for students (and their teachers) to show their parents/other students what they have learnt. This worksheet refers to a 6th grade (Key stage 3/ Year 7 in the UK) presentation of their history lessons on ancient Greece.  Such assemblies may occur at the end of term/school year.



Core Knowledge

YEAR 3: ANCIENT GREECE (five lessons): Lesson 2. Athens: Birthplace of Democracy

The aim of this lesson plan is to explain to the students about Athenian democracy and its institutions.
The lesson includes a reenactment of Athenian elections and explains  the terms pnyx, boule, ecclesia, tyranny, democracy. The lesson also refers  to videos on Athens and the Parthenon.

This lesson offers group activity in which the class acts as  Athenian citizens who participate in the democracy. It is spec(...)