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Natalia Kapatsoulia, Filippos Mandilaras

Thessaloniki – Town at the Crossroads of Two Worlds [Θεσσαλονίκη, πόλη στο σταυροδρόμι δύο κόσμων (Thessaloníkī, pólī sto stavrodrómi dýo kósmōn)]

The book starts by mentioning the different peoples that have lived in Thessaloniki. The city is said to have been named by Cassander, one of Alexander the Great’s successors, after Alexander’s sister, who was a mermaid. Cassander founded Thessaloniki as a great trading port. The Romans built a road that connected East with West, as well as palaces and arches. Later, we are told, when Constantinople became a capital city, Thessaloniki served as a co-capital city. Thessaloniki was bes(...)


YEAR: 2018