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Kate O’Hearn

Pegasus and the Origins of Olympus (Pegasus, 4)

This is the fourth book in the Pegasus series, which follows the adventures of Emily, a mortal girl from New York who one day discovers wounded Pegasus on her rooftop. Via various adventures, Emily travels from Earth to Olympus and discovers that she is not mortal, but a divinity known as the flame of Olympus. With the help of her mortal and Olympian friends, Emily tries to maintain peace in both worlds.In the last book, while threatened by government secret agents named CRU (Central Research Un(...)


YEAR: 2012

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Marisa De Castro, Mark Weinstein

Shall we go to Delphi? [Πάμε στους Δελφούς; (Páme stous Delfoús?)]

As we read on the opening page, here we have a guide to Delphi in central Greece, "one of the most sacred locations for the ancient Greeks" (my translation). Mythology, archaeology and art history feature prominently in this booklet, accounting for the site’s significance.(...)


YEAR: 2009