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Richard Bonson, Stewart Ross

Ancient Greece

The book’s main story takes place in 416 BC Greece. It is the story of a young man competing in the Olympic Games, told in the form of a graphic novel. After a brief plot overview and the historical background, the story continues around the border of every page, whilst the centre of each page is filled with factual information. The plot of the story focuses on a young Athenian man named Kinesias and his journey to and attendance of the Olympic Games. Kinesias dreams of personal succe(...)


YEAR: 2004

COUNTRY: United States of America

Cath Senker

Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greeks is an educational, introduction to ancient Greek culture aimed at children aged 7+. This title is one of several titles in the Ladybird Histories series, including Kings and Queens, Tudor and Stuarts, Ancient Egyptians, The Vikings, Romans, and Anglo-Saxons. Each is written in a similarly serious tone. Through the combination of titles, the series presents the Ancient Greeks as an important non-British historical society. Ancient Greeks focuses on the Classical period, w(...)


YEAR: 2015

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

David Farris , Sandy Ransford

British Museum Fun Book: Ancient Greece

This short “fun book” comprises activities based on various aspects of ancient Greek history, culture and myth. The activities include “spot-the difference” puzzles, crosswords and brainteasers, all aimed to “test and perplex” (p. 4) the reader, along with games and jokes “to keep [them] chuckling” (p. 4). A checklist towards the start gives a brief explanation of the historical and mythical figures and places that appear in the book. Most of the a(...)


YEAR: 1999

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Bernard Beckett


This novel is the third and last volume of a trilogy with Genesis and August. It is set in a world like ours, but more advanced in regards to stem cell research. People have stem cell banks and it is possible to use these to re-grow organs in order to prolong healthy lives. Only the brain cannot be regrown in this way.18-year-old Theo had an accident in which his body has remained intact, but all his brain function has been permanently destroyed. Scientist Dr. Huxley sees this as the u(...)


COUNTRY: Australia

Christos Kondeatis, Sara Maitland

Pandora’s Box: A 3-Dimensional Celebration of Greek Mythology

"Open this box…and enter a world of marvels" invites the blurb of Maitland and Kondeatis’ Pandora’s Box. Fastened with a golden ribbon, the book/box opens to reveal hidden compartments, pop up pages, and other interactive elements alongside a textual commentary of the myths, culture and history of the ancient Greek world. It includes a labelled portrait of the major Olympians with their symbols and accoutrements and a map of Odysseus’ wanderings. On one page lo(...)


YEAR: 1995

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Marisa De Castro, Mark Weinstein

Shall we go to Delphi? [Πάμε στους Δελφούς; (Páme stous Delfoús?)]

As we read on the opening page, here we have a guide to Delphi in central Greece, "one of the most sacred locations for the ancient Greeks" (my translation). Mythology, archaeology and art history feature prominently in this booklet, accounting for the site’s significance.(...)


YEAR: 2009


William Terence Deary, Dave Smith, Michael Tickner

Terry Deary's Best Ever Greek Legends / Top Ten Greek Legends

This is a collection of humorous retellings of myths for children designed to introduce them to Greek mythology and to ancient culture more broadly. Many of the stories are told from unusual perspectives and they are delivered in a variety of literary forms and fonts.Contents:Introduction.Legend 1: Zeus. Hera's Tale. The myth of Io told with Hera narrating events from her perspective.Fantastic Facts 1: 10 Best Victims. Summaries of myths of: Semele, Aphrodite, Echo, Nemesis, Europa, Danae, T(...)


YEAR: 1998

COUNTRY: United Kingdom