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Ovídio Silva

Mythology in Portuguese

The purpose of our resource is to present Myths and Classical Literature to a general audience, always in a very simple language and recurringly focusing on aspects that general readers may be curious about.



COUNTRY: Portugal

Joanna Knot-Szczepanik

Little Romans

The author took into account cognitive abilities of pre- and early-primary school age groups (6-9). Just as with modern language training, the emphasis is placed on communication skills of children, hence the reduction of grammatical commentary and absence of explanations of different phrases and grammatical structures, which are unnecessary at this stage. The learning happens through play, in an interesting and appealing way and provides children with the tools u(...)


YEAR: 2018


Stanisław Butyr

Latin for Beginners

Łacina dla początkujących (Latin for beginners) is a course dedicated to those who want to self-study the basics of Latin.

The textbook contains 12 lessons teaching Latin vocabulary, major phrases, maxims and grammatical forms. Each lesson provides texts, grammatical and lexical exercises, e.g. ‘fill the gaps in the sentences’, matching pairs tasks, crosswords and word searches. The book also include(...)


YEAR: 2010


Piotr Bańkowski

Latin Globally

Łacina globalnie [Latin Globally] is a website, or blog directly aimed at teaching the Latin language, offering, among other resources, an original textbook with a set of exercises. The author divided the course into thematically driven lessons (e.g., personal and reflexive pronouns, cardinal numerals, plusquamperfectum, ablativus absolutus, gerundium etc.), which are available as a full course or as separate lessons in the ‘Grammar