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Barbara Bell, Helen Forte (illustrator)

Minimus. Starting out in Latin

Minimus is a lively elementary Latin course for children aged 7-10. It combines a basic introduction to the Latin language with background cultural information on the Roman civilization in Britain. Pupils learn Latin through engaging in games and fun activities, using the modern interactive method including audiovisual elements. The child acquires a different linguistic system without going into great grammatical details or studying the rules of phrase fo(...)


YEAR: 1999


The Primary Latin Project team

The Primary Latin Project

The Primary Latin Project is a website aimed at the teachers, it promotes the teaching of ancient languages in primary schools. The website provides training for teachers and helps with resources to run the programme based on the Minimus textbook in primary school. Minimus  is a unique Latin course for younger children based on a real family who lived in Britain at Vindolanda in 100 AD: Flavius, the fort commander, his wife Lep(...)