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Hugh Lupton, The Cambridge School Classics Project (CSCP), Daniel Morden

Primary Ancient Greeks

Primary Ancient Greeks is aimed mainly at primary school teachers. The website provides teaching guidance, printable materials and lesson plans for teaching Ancient Greek literacy and history through Greek myths. The website contains thematically-organised modules prepared to be realized within 6 weeks. The crucial idea of the authors is for each of the topics to introduce to the student 2-3 chosen Greek myths weekly and present connected ideas and concepts from t(...)



Wiktor Steffen, Jan Horowski

The Latin Voice

The textbook was adapted to the needs of high school students and was designed to require 4 years of study. The course comprises 8 parts so that for each year of study there was a  part 1 dedicated to texts and part 2 containing material for each class, exploring vocabulary and grammar and providing exercises. In addition, in the back of the textbook, there are additional grammatical tables of conjugation and declension along with commonly used phrases, maxim(...)


YEAR: 1967