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Kotar/CET (Center for Educational Technology)

A very good word: Greek Mythology: Reading stories, comparing styles and writing your own story (Mila Tova Meod: Hamitologya Hayevanit)

This book offers study and practice of linguistic themes as part of Hebrew language studies. The book offers variety of texts, online activities and many exercises for the students and teachers in order to enhance literacy, reading skills and reading comprehension. The texts include traditional Jewish sources, Israeli authors and poets and general texts on a variety of subjects including Greek mythology.



YEAR: 2016


Hugh Lupton, The Cambridge School Classics Project (CSCP), Daniel Morden

Primary Ancient Greeks

Primary Ancient Greeks is aimed mainly at primary school teachers. The website provides teaching guidance, printable materials and lesson plans for teaching Ancient Greek literacy and history through Greek myths. The website contains thematically-organised modules prepared to be realized within 6 weeks. The crucial idea of the authors is for each of the topics to introduce to the student 2-3 chosen Greek myths weekly and present connected ideas and concepts from t(...)



Diana Doyle

Teaching Mythology: Gods and Heroes. Curriculum Unit 83.02.06

This unit aims to enhance students’ reading and writing skills and encourage their curiosity by teaching them adapted myths, especially on Greek heroes. The myths suggested in this unit are: the creation myth with comparison with other cultures’ creation stories (Babylonian, Apache, and Nigerian), Titanomachy, Olympian gods, creation of humans, Gift of fire, flood, Pandora, Hercules, Orpheus, Daedalus, Odysseus and Achilles form the heroes’ myths(...)


YEAR: 1983