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Irena Bukowska

Kacper on the Scent of Evil [Kacper na tropie zła]

Kacper from Gdańsk, known to the reader from Kacper w krainie filozofów, is already a teenager. He is a mediocre student, but a curious one – he likes asking questions and considering even ordinary things as he has a soul of a philosopher and a poet. An emaciated, mistreated and abandoned dog rescued by the narrator makes him reflect and ask questions about the essence of evil. Having left for a sailing camp, Kacper and his friend Piotrek get on board of a ghost ship balancing (...)


YEAR: 2016


TED , Wisecrack , Addison Anderson, John R. Dilworth, Alex Gendler, Mathias Richard Horhager, Conor Neill , Pilar Newton , Alec Opperman, Jason Permenter, Asparuh Petrov , Massimo Pigliucci , Saschka Unseld, Rebecca Whipple Silverstein, Mia Wood

TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing, Series The Big Questions: What Aristotle and Joshua Bell Can Teach Us about Persuasion / Plato's Allegory of the Cave / Plato's Best (and Worst) Ideas /The Philosophy of Stoicism /

What Aristotle and Joshua Bell Can Teach Us about Persuasion?The video's first scene presents a concert of a world famous violinist Joshua Bell at Boston Symphony Hall on January 9, 2007. We are told that Bell at this time was “at peak of his abilities”; then he is shown standing and playing at the top of a sky-reaching mountain among clouds, which can bring to mind Parnassus. But soon the mountain disappears, Bell falls down and suddenly we see him performing on a subway platfor(...)


YEAR: 2013


Yan Marchand, Donatien Mary

The Revolt of Epictetus [La révolte d’Épictète]

Rome, at the time of the emperor Vespasian. Prince Titus, his son, is preparing a grand feast to celebrate Saturnalia when one of his slaves, young Julius, missteps and must be resold to another master. At the slave market, the boy, for the first time, meets Epictetus, who often comes there to talk to the human merchandise (that is how the slaves in the market are described in the book); Latin-speaking people there translate his words to those who do not understand Latin. Julius escapes wit(...)


YEAR: 2014