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Terry Denton

Story Maze. The Golden Udder (Story Maze, 4)

The fourth in the "Storymaze" series follows the surfing adventures of Nico, Claudia, and Mikey through parallel worlds and across the universe. This time they continue their attempt to help Ulysses to win the Queen of Fresia with The Golden Udder. However, when they attempt to retrieve the Udder, they discover it has been stolen by Amycus (along with Nico’s surfboard) and lost in a bet to Limousin, a surfing champion. They begin a quest to retrieve it. Their time-travel device M(...)


YEAR: 2002

COUNTRY: Australia

Jemal Bagashvili, Aleksander Basilaia, Evgeny Ginzburg

The Argonauts [არგონავტები (Argonavtebi)] / Merry Chronicle of a Dangerous Voyage [Веселая хроника опасного путешествия (Vesёlaia khronika opasnogo puteshestviia)]

The movie presents the myth of the Argonauts in contemporary setting. It starts with an introduction about Tim Severin’s expedition to Georgia in 1984 and then presents the director’s version of the myth. The movie contains most of the main elements of the classical myth. It tells briefly the story of Jason and Pelias, describes the building of “Argo” (which looks exactly like Tim Severin’s “Argo”) and the assembling of the team. Then it presents adventu(...)


YEAR: 1986

COUNTRY: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)