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Margery Jean Gill, Roger Lancelyn Green

The Luck of Troy

The Luck of Troy transforms the Trojan War saga into an original story focalised through the character of the twelve year old boy Nicostratus, the son of Menelaus and Helen. Having been brought to Troy by his mother when he was a baby, Nico grows up in the besieged city, with only hazy memories of Greece and his father, and a deeply conflicted sense of identity and loyalty. As the war’s impact intensifies, most of the Trojans reject and persecute him as a traitor, but he finds some comfort(...)


YEAR: 1961

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Piotr Fąfrowicz, Zofia Stanecka

Troy. A Story of the City's Fall [Troja. Historia upadku miasta]

The story is a brief description of the Trojan War written for children aged 6–7 who are learning how to read. The classical story begins and ends with a pacifist message saying that every war, even if it generates stories about heroic deeds, is a dreadful event that causes tears and leaves towns in ruins.(...)


YEAR: 2017