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Evelien Bracke

Ancient Greeks – Young Heroes

Introduction to Greek myth, society, and language



YEAR: 2019

COUNTRY: Belgium

Marian Golias

Introduction to Learning Greek. A Textbook for the 4th and 5th grade of classical gymnasia of the old and new type, adapted to the Program of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Public Education.

The book was created as a textbook for middle school students, adjusted to comply with the secondary education reform of 1926. It was meant to be the first after WW1 ancient Greek textbook for beginners already familiar with Latin and its grammatical terminology. After its refinement and another adjustment to the needs of contemporary schools, the second edition was published in 1929 and became the prevalent textbook for teaching ancient Greek in Poland for nearly(...)


YEAR: 1926, 2ed. 1929,re-edition 1952



Greek Mythology Worksheets and Teaching Activities: Greek Mythology Flashcard Game

Flash cards/Mythology Card Game

The flash cards demonstrate various characters and events from Greek mythology. The creators note that the card game offers a review for content-based units using Greek myths. The teachers are advised to print two copies of the cards and paste on posterboard to make a deck of cards to play Go Fish, review the vocabulary, or play Memory.



COUNTRY: Asia North America

Piotr Bańkowski

Latin Flashcards. Major Phrases and Words of Wisdom/Sententiae

Latin Flashcards. Major Phrases and Words of Wisdom is a unique set of 500 numbered cards which feature words of wisdom, quotes, and phrases sourced from the Latin cultural field: inter alia maxims from the Roman law, quotes from established literary pieces or everyday sayings. To facilitate the associative memorisation of the phrases, the course is divided into 22 topical categories and a set of phrases and utterances used on a daily basis in the Polish (...)


YEAR: 2012


Carine Girac-Marinier (ed.)

Latin Expressions in Your Pocket

Les expressions latines dans votre poche is one of the numerous publications in the series Les Mini Larousse (...dans votre poche) published by Larousse. As expressed in its title, the handbook is a miniature compendium of Latin expressions in a compact pocket format (10 x 15 cm). It contains 54 Latin expressions and 15 French idiomatic expressions and phrases stemming from and referring to mythology. The Latin expressions and sentences are given in their(...)


YEAR: 2018


Monika Mikuła, Magdalena Popiołek

Ἕλληνές ἐσμεν πάντες [We are all Greeks]. The Textbook for Learning Ancient Greek

The textbook is founded on both authors’ years of experience in teaching Ancient Greek at the Institute of Classical Studies at the University of Warsaw and at other language classes. It is composed of three volumes. The first includes lessons 1-30 for the first year of study, the second - lessons 31-53 for the second year of study. Both come in two parts - one with texts, the other with grammatical information and sets of exercises. The third volume provide(...)


YEAR: 2017


Diana Doyle

Teaching Mythology: Gods and Heroes. Curriculum Unit 83.02.06

This unit aims to enhance students’ reading and writing skills and encourage their curiosity by teaching them adapted myths, especially on Greek heroes. The myths suggested in this unit are: the creation myth with comparison with other cultures’ creation stories (Babylonian, Apache, and Nigerian), Titanomachy, Olympian gods, creation of humans, Gift of fire, flood, Pandora, Hercules, Orpheus, Daedalus, Odysseus and Achilles form the heroes’ myths(...)


YEAR: 1983



DK Find Out: Troy - The Trojan War

This online resource contains an interactive map of ancient Greece and an ancient Greece quiz. When you click on one of the sites, an information text appears. If you click on the red words in the text, a new information page opens up. For example, when you click on Troy, you get the Trojan War interactive page.