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Elsie Finnimore Buckley, Frank C. Papé

Children of the Dawn: Old Tales of Greece

This is a detailed, extensive retelling of eleven key Greek myths with significant attention often given to character development, and details of the character’s education and early life. Scenery, landscape and geography are also described at length. The featured stories are:The Riddle of the SphinxEros and PsycheHero and LeanderThe Sacrifice of AlcestisThe Hunting of the Calydonian BoarThe Curse of EchoThe Sculptor and the ImageThe Divine MusicianThe Flight of ArethusaThe Winning of Atala(...)


YEAR: 1908

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Frank C. Papé, Francis Storr

Half a Hundred Hero Tales of Ulysses and the Men of Old

This is a collection of fifty Greek myths for children written by a number of different authors and including ten retellings from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales. Seventeen stories deal with the Trojan War and its aftermath. Most retellings stay fairly close to ancient literary versions, although a few are more innovative. Black and white illustrations depict key scenes.Featured Stories:Pluto and Proserpine (by H.P. Maskell),Pan and Syrinx (by Mrs Guy E. Ll(...)


YEAR: 1911

COUNTRY: United States of America

Sulari Gentill

Trying War (The Hero Trilogy, 2)

Following immediately from the events of Chasing Odysseus, the second book of the trilogy, Trying War, continues the adventures of the young Hero and her adopted brothers, Machaon, Lycon and Cadmus. When they arrive home to rejoin the Herdsmen who live outside Troy, they find Mount Ida under attack by Amazons. The warrior women take Hero captive; a new journey begins as her brothers set out to rescue her, taking with them the nymph Oenone, Paris’ abandoned wife, and the wolf Lupa who had s(...)


YEAR: 2012

COUNTRY: Australia