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Roger Lancelyn Green, Betty Middleton-Sandford

The Tale of Troy

Roger Lancelyn Green’s The Tale of Troy stresses that the origins of the Trojan War go right back to the beginning of Zeus’ reign, when Prometheus prophesised that the sea nymph Thetis would give birth to a son who would grow up to be greater than his father. In order to preserve his power, Zeus changed his mind about being Thetis’ consort, and instead arranged for her to be married to the minor hero Peleus. All the Olympians attended the celebration, except for Eris, the godde(...)


YEAR: 1958

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Natalia Kapatsoulia, Filippos Mandilaras

The Trojan Horse [Ο δούρειος ίππος (O doúreios íppos)]

After Achilles’ death, morale was low in the Achaean army. Odysseus came up with a cunning plan for capturing Troy. Agamemnon agreed to the plan “with a heavy heart”, because the operation was risky. Epeius was tasked with constructing a large wooden horse with a hollow stomach to accommodate one thousand soldiers. Once completed, an inscription was carved on the horse’s head reading “a present by the Achaeans to Athena”. Next, the Achaeans burnt their camp an(...)


YEAR: 2012