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Kotar/CET (Center for Educational Technology)

A very good word: Greek Mythology: Reading stories, comparing styles and writing your own story (Mila Tova Meod: Hamitologya Hayevanit)

This book offers study and practice of linguistic themes as part of Hebrew language studies. The book offers variety of texts, online activities and many exercises for the students and teachers in order to enhance literacy, reading skills and reading comprehension. The texts include traditional Jewish sources, Israeli authors and poets and general texts on a variety of subjects including Greek mythology.



YEAR: 2016


Yaniv Hamami


D.I.C Technologies operates and maintains websites catered to children's entertainment, promoting social content in a protected online environment.

D.I.C Technologies' flagship product, Mikmak World, is a supervised, secure online social platform where users can design virtual characters to go on adventures, play games, and meet other members.

The purpose of Mikmak is the enjoyment in pl(...)


YEAR: 2009


National Geographic Kids

Greek Mythology Primary Resource

This primary resource offers 2 PDF posters, one dedicated to Zeus and the other to “tales of terror” from ancient Greece. Both pages offers short paragraphs adapted from the National Geographic Treasure of Greek Mythology volume by Donna Jo Napoli.
The Zeus PDF briefly narrates Zeus’ fight against the Titans and the division of the universe between the three brothers. A colourful illustration depicts Zeus holding a thunderbolt and the giant se(...)