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Deirdre Barry, Richard Morss

I’m a Monster (Series, 52 Episodes)

2D animation series for children of pre-school age (4-8 years), about monsters from various parts of the world. In each episode of the series (duration: 2 minutes) we meet another character who presents himself to the audience (with the voice of an actor) and tells some fun facts about himself.* Most of presented characters are well-known – they come from mythology of different cultures, from literature, movies etc. The material is rich, colorful and original. In twelve episodes of th(...)


YEAR: 2010

COUNTRY: Ireland

Aleksei Simukov, Aleksandra Snezhko-Blotskaia

Labyrinth. The Deeds of Theseus [Лабиринт. Подвиги Тесея (Labirint. Podvigi Teseia)]

Young Theseus finds his father’s sword and sandals and sets off for Athens. At the parting with Theseus, the Centaur Chiron advises him to use his strength only for good and promises a life full of great deeds. On the way to Athens, Theseus fights the Crommyonian Sow and Procrustes. Having met his father, Theseus decides to free the country from the Minotaur and travels to Crete with the other Athenians sent as tribute. He promises his father that he will put up white sails as a sign (...)


YEAR: 1971

COUNTRY: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

Geraldine McCaughrean


The book unfolds the adventurous life of the Athenian hero Theseus from his birth to his old age. We learn of his different exploits and acts of bravery (slaying giants, fighting the Minotaur), as well as his mistakes and flawed relationship with others (the Amazon queen Hippolyta, his son). Through the story of Theseus expedition to Crete, to fight the Minotaur, two more characters are introduced, Daedalus and Icarus. Their story, especially their fatal flight is interwoven with Theseus’ (...)


YEAR: 2003

COUNTRY: United States of America